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The services we provide to Brother & Brother mainly aim at the correct printing of your company’s materials, regardless of the printing material and the technology of the printing press. Excluding the stages of processing and separations, it is very likely that, so far, you haven’t always received the expected quality in the outcome of your communication materials.

This is never going to happen with us. Brother & Brother’s main concern is to process your material and ensure a 100% correct printing.



This service includes the right adjustment of your material depending on the size and the area of the print. It also includes the appropriate blemishes, based on the specifications, and the production of the final files for printing.

Digital image processing


Electronic image processing involves all the steps required for the proper display of colors and their separations. It also involves background extension, object deletion, application of special effect and so on.

Color modifications


How many times have you seen a face appear red or a blue jacket end up black on a print? The color modification is mainly aimed at bringing the colors to the right tone, illuminating them accordingly and achieving the correct clarity of the print elements.

GMG digital samples


Brother & Brother is certified for GMG digital final drafts. Thus, in any printout you will be sure of the final print result.

Kodak Approval final drafts


For an even wider range of different papers and prints, our top Kodak Approval certification confirms that your hardware output will be 100% true to the final draft.

File preparation…


… for offset printing, silkscreen, rotogravure, and flexography. It includes the correct separation of colors and their processing for truer display depending on the selected printing method.

Slide scanning


With the technological equipment we have at our disposal in Brother & Brother, the slide scanning takes place in a special drum at ultra-high resolution. The slide is magnified proportionally, a little by little, without losing its quality and then used in your communication materials.

Film production for printing


Nowadays, film production tends to disappear. Nevertheless, at Brother & Brother, we have mastered the art of film production even if your printer is familiar with this technology.

Mock-up construction


The mock-up construction service provides the best possible display of your product packaging before you proceed with the production investment.

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