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Our Equipment

Printing technologies are evolving rapidly. At Brother & Brother we believe we have an obligation to invest and follow closely all the developments. The investments we make in technological equipment along with our highly specialized staff are our true capital and our competitive advantage.
The technological equipment of our company is constantly renewed so that we can always achieve the best possible result for our customers.

18x studio Apple MAC Intel Pro


Workstations with upgraded RAM to 14GB for faster data processing of large high resolution files and 24″ LACIE monitors specific for color display and a more accurate digital imaging of the project.

1x Nexus Webcenter


Software that enables the remote control of the workflow in real time, so that no human element is needed to be physically present for a job.

1x PDF Certified System


Software that accompanies each job delivered to our associates and/or printing companies and ensures maximum quality control on any given project, regardless of volume, literally at a glance, thus rendering the review for errors in images or fonts per page unnecessary.

1x Nexus workflow rip


Software that assigns to each image/project such values which can be converted to a printable job compatible, accordingly, to any printing method. The specific one is classified at the top of the market having the ability to share work simultaneously with all the machines connected to it (image setters, digital printout proofs, scanner, Kodak Approval, CTP (Computer-to-Plate)).

2x Kodak approval Imaging system


Kodak Approval is the most modern and reliable cotract proofing machine, which has the capacity not only to reproduce the 4 colors of a four color process, but also to render the print the whole range of Pantone chromatic tones, intense spot fluorescents and reflective metallics.

2x MacOsx server


Servers with Apple OS X operational system for greater reliability and uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, which operate by managing all the transfer of the company’s data. Their operation is supportive to one another, having a total data storage capacity of 36 terabyte. This way, we can keep our customer records for as long as required, without having to worry about their maintenance time.

1x WatchGuard FireBox X


Firewall which provides high protection in securing our internal network from malicious attacks.

3x GMG fogra color proofs.


Digital GMG proofs calibrated according to the international profile of FOGRA and the Kodak Approval for worldwide compatibility.

1x windows server


Internal DELL server with a Microsoft operating system for creating and managing email accounts and sending and downloading files.

1x image setter Fuji film luxel sumo


Image setter for producing printing films, in dimensions of up to 70 x 100 cm, carrying three laser heads.

1x drum scanner Fuji film cellsis 5250


Hyper high resolution scanner with the ability to scan and magnify slides up to 1000%.

Wireless data transmission


Antenna to recipients equipped with optical fibers. Data transmission at speeds that reach 52 mbps for transmission and download to destinations equipped with optical fibers.

1x Bosch 42kw power Generator


Diesel power supply generator that ensures an uninterrupted operation of our company at 100%, regardless of the provision of the main grid.

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