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Brother & Brother reproductions was established in 2003 to meet an ever-increasing demand for a new and dynamic presence in the field of printing and separating-modifying final print drafts. It specializes in the color separation related to the advertising production (Leaflets, Print Ads, Outdoor) as well as packaging separations and Metal-Fx, always aiming at a perfect printing result.

Today, Brother & Brother reproductions employs 20 employees in two shifts and is considered one of the most dynamic, technologically updated and equipped units in the industry: the most recent company investment was the acquisition of a second Kodak Approval printing proofing system, a diesel-powered generator, a webcenter (software that allows the long-term real-time flow control of any work) and of the PDF Certified system. This is a system that accompanies each job sent to partners-printing companies and ensures the quality control of each job, regardless of the volume, with literally one glance, making it unnecessary to search a page for errors in images or fonts.

From Theory to Practice

The combination of experienced lithographers with the state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and our know-how and consistency is the guarantee for fast customer service and the smooth running of our operations. Every creative idea can be executed, even when it comes to special type prints such as silkscreen, rotogravure, and flexography. Among other things, we are constantly pursuing modernization, innovation and proper and smooth cooperation.

To achieve those goals we have expanded into new printing technologies that provide the perfect result for even the most difficult and demanding situations. We were the first to introduce METAL FX in the printing and now can – with special separations and special high-quality inks – to produce an excellent result in printing metallic shades even in four-color, whole or local, gradient or iridescent.

“Innovation through technology”

– is our moto


Brother & Brother’s many years of accumulated expertise gave birth to Special FX Editions that deals with the production and distribution of tourist souvenirs. A dynamic company that focuses on advanced technologies and high print quality and has managed to be considered as one of the leading companies in the industry thanks to the cards, magnets and the whole collection of souvenirs that are found in more than 800 points of sale across the Greece.

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